The perfect snack

La Guita makes it easy for you. Whether you want to enjoy a bite to eat with your friends or family, in our special “fridge” you will find all the ingredients and instructions you need to organise an authentic snack party in your own home.

Click on each item and discover the delicious and practical recipes which we have selected to make your snack party a great success


Traditional picadillo red and green pepper salad with crab sticks

Eggs with tuna mousse filling

Petit green asparagus rolls

Toasted bread with tomato and smoked anchovy fry-up

Petit roll with mussel and bacon

Ricotta cheese, black olives tomato salad with basil

Mini toast with cheese spread, honey and red pomfret

Baby broad beans tartlets with garlic mayonnaise

Mini ham and cheese sandwiches in batter

Mini bowl with chickpeas, tuna and olives

Iberico Ham